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And The Child Grew And Became Strong; He Was Filled With Wisdom, And The GRACE Of GOD Was UPON HIM. ~ Luke 2:40

Our Vision

Grace-a-Child is a unique children’s ministry that incorporates children’s spiritual development simultaneously through play. The singular purpose of the center is for each child to practically experience the love of God through everyday interaction with adults.

Our Philosophy

Training children is commissioned by the Lord, and is both honorable and a worthy profession.

Our service is designed to meet today’s parents’ familial needs with child care, parental support, and spiritual growth and development classes that support the family.

Grace-A-ChildUSA is a life changing movement that will impact our culture by investing, training, and shaping young minds touched by the love and joy of Biblical Principles.


We Believe Every Child…

…is a Gift from God

…needs intentional direction from people who care.

…has a unique life plan designed by our Creator.

…is precious.

…needs structure and guidance.

…deserves a childhood filled with love.

…needs instruction to become accountable adults.

…learns from play.

…needs confident adults who can lead, guide, and direct.

Kids Love GAC!

GraceAChildUSA Academy seeks to impact a child’s development through active play and intentional interaction from people who are devoted to their well being and spiritual development.

Grace-a-ChildUSA ministry is devoted to supporting families by providing services that are affordable through the subsidy from Graceway Ministries, Roberts Ministries, and the devoted people who are committed to young children.

To learn more give us a call!