GraceAChildUSA Academy

Touching Young Lives with the Love of Jesus

GraceAChildUSA Academy is a unique children’s ministry that incorporates children’s spiritual development simultaneously through play. The singular purpose of the center is for each child to practically experience the love of God through everyday interaction with adults.

We Believe Every Child…

…is a Gift from God
…needs intentional direction from people who care.
…has a unique life plan designed by our Creator.
…is precious.
…needs structure and guidance.
…deserves a childhood filled with love.
…needs instruction to become accountable adults.
…learns from play.
…needs confident adults who can lead, guide, and direct.

Ministry Structure

GraceAChildUSA Academy is Religious Exempt from the State Licensing and seeks accreditation from the Association of Christians Schools International within the second year of its operation. Governed by a Board of Governors and accountable to the church’s government and policies, the Ministry Team is committed to transparent operations under direction of the Roberts Ministries. GraceAChildUSA is a non-profit ministry of Graceway Ministries.

Our Mission

Touching the hearts, minds, and lives of young children with God’s Grace, Love and Joy.

Our Philosophy

Training children is commissioned by the Lord, and is both honorable and a worthy profession.

Our service is designed to meet today’s parents’ familial needs with child care, parental support, and spiritual growth and development classes that support the family.

GraceAChildUSA is a life changing movement that will impact our culture by investing, training, and shaping young minds touched by the love and joy of Biblical Principles.

Download our secure app and watch your children have fun at Grace A Child!

Watch Your Kids While At Work

Download our secure app and watch your children have fun at Grace A Child!

Safety First!

At Grace A Child we strive to be the safest day care in Southwest Virginia with our Advanced Security for our Children and Families using The Avigilon Security Webcam System.  We also use Pro Care for all our attendance tracking, payment and software applications.


  • Limited Access to Enrolled Families & Employees Only.
  • All day access so you can see your child playing and learning!
Have a worry free day knowing you can tune in and watch throughout the entire day!

Stay Up To Date

Have a worry free day knowing you can tune in and watch throughout the entire day!

Grace a Child USA Academy uses the Horizons Curriculum
to support children’s learning and education.
Children’s individual differences 
and learning styles are considered as children learn through play and interactions with supportive early childhood teachers.


• Weekly Curriculum Themes
• Relevant Bible Verse and Memory Verse
• Character Builder
• Letters, Numbers, Colors, Shapes etc.
• Spanish Vocabulary
• Sign Language
• Featured Artist of the Month
• And So Much More!


Our Team

Our teachers are carefully selected, trained, and regularly evaluated. We support the professional development of our staff. We believe every child needs confident adults who can lead, guide and direct.

If you would like more information about GraceAChildUSA please give us a call at 540-382-9591.

If you would like to join our team please click here to Download Employment Application.


Our Board of Directors

Donna Thornton Roberts 1

Donna K. Thornton- Roberts

Founder & CEO 

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Shelley Butler

  Shelley T. Butler

School Nurse

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Pastor Eddie Roberts

 Eddie Roberts

Founder and Senior Pastor

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Norma Jean

Norma Jean Cupp

Mulberry Hill
Development Group

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Susan Beckwith

Susan Beckwith

President of Grow Right

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